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Dämonen - Theater Basel
Written and Directed by Sebastian Nübling & Boris Nikitin


Elisa Dillier
Dominic Hartmann

Elif Karci

Ann Mayer

Lukas Stäuble
Julian Schneider
Sven Schelker


Additional Operator: Jelin Nichele

Stage- & Setdesign: Dominic Huber
Sounddesign: Adolfina Fuck


The Stage-Play "Dämonen" takes place almost entirely in the Streets of Basel. While the Audience sits comfortably in the Rows at the Schauspielhaus, the Action is streamed live via Mobile Internet. I was happy to collaborate in this Monster of a Project as a Cinematographer and together with my Co-Operator Jelin Nichele stemmed the whole 180 minute Live-Movie.

Premiere: 26.05.2022



Behind the Scenes 
(© Ingo Hoehn)

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